Eco-Friendly Cigs – Bare Cigarettes 1x10x20s


Eco-Friendly Cigs

Wood pulp filter

Eco-friend;y and metal-free freshness liners

Ethically sourced

Cigarettes with an environmental edge

10 carton in a pack | 20 cigarettes per carton

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Eco-Friendly Cigs – Bare Cigarettes 1x10x20s

Taking things back to basics, forming a feeling, a lifestyle, a brand, we give you a product that is community-grown and crafted by masters. With so many alternatives to commercially produced cigarettes with added flavours and extra bells and whistles, there is a market that is really looking for a local product that focuses on giving a pure product. No frills, just tobacco; the way it’s should always be.

BARE Cigarettes are a brand of eco-friendly cigarettes that stands by their name. The Eco-Friendly Cigs – Bare Cigarettes 1x10x20s present beautifully in a recyclable, unlaminated, brown carton, and features striking black prints. This brand makes sure to pay attention to giving the consumer the full BARE experience. This is possible by leaning on industry experts to create a fine, natural, and fragrant flavour.

The cigarette nibs, which make use of wood pulp, take 6 – 8 months to break down. This product also features freshness liners that are eco-friend and free from metal.

The product is sold in a bundle pack with 10 cartons in a pack. Therein, you receive 20 cigarettes per carton.


BARE. Black at the nib. Green at the heart.


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