Dark Horse – Canna Tubing Machine


Dark Horse – Canna Tubing Machine

Materials: Hard Plastic and Metal

Colours: Cream and Army Green


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Dark Horse Canna Tubing Machine

Bista Standard was established in 2003 in Bydgoszcz. Currently, it is a leading manufacturer of tobacco accessories in the world, and home to the brand of Dark Horse. At their core, the company tailors their products for their customer’s needs, trying to aid them in their work-life balance ‘process’.

The brand gives you their Dark Horse Canna Tubing Machine. Dark Horse is a brand for the adventurer and the underdog. So, this product is perfect for people on-the-go, and people with thrills to chase. This machine is for the consumer who still wants the experience of rolling, but would like it simplified. The company understand the need to make products that are easy to use, and if these products form part of your daily activites, then there also needs to be a way to get through whatever you want to, whenever you want to.


Now giving you the option of ease, you can simply open the machine and insert the mix. Insert your pre-rolled tube into the slot and slide the top half of the machine away from you, and done! Use it with other Dark Horse products or simply try this to roll a little faster and smoother.


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