Cyclone Hemp Cones


Cyclone Hemp Cones

Pre-rolled Wraps

Materials: Pure Hemp

Flavours: Wonder, Red Alert (Strawberry), Blue (Blueberry), Purple (Grape), and an Assorted pack.

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Cyclone Hemp Cones

Cyclone Hemp Cones are an exciting way to enhance the flavour of your rolling tobacco. The cones are not just pre-flavoured, they are also pre-rolled! So, they give you ease of use. Simply prep your smoke of choice, and add it to the cone.

Also, the company ensures the wraps are made from all natural hemp, and contains no tobacco. As people seek alternatives to traditional tobacco, the company made a name for themselves as they focused on hemp-based products. The cones go through a special process where the wraps are dip into the flavours in a particular way, and a number of times.  This extensive process aims to deliver full flavour in every puff.  This makes the whole experience consistent. It becomes easy and memorable. It’s these kinds of goals that make this brand so popular.

Aiming to give the fullest flavour, these pre-rolled blunt wrap will definitely become a favourite.  These come in a variety of flavours to choose from, including: Wonder (With Wooden Tips), Red Alert (Strawberry), Blue (Blueberry), Purple (Grape), and an Assorted pack.

Each pack comes with 12 individual products that contain 2 wraps per box.



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