Coconut-Lite Charcoal 500g


100%  Coconut Shell Charcoal

Grade A

Smokeless and produces no sparks



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Coconut-Lite Charcoal 500g

Hubbly coals are a necessary item for any hubbly bubbly kit setup. Coals act as the heating component that is necessary in order to heat the tobacco and have it produce the clouds and flavour that are synonymous with hubbly bubbly.

These are 100% Coconut Shell Charcoal cubes. This means that this product is the result of pyrolysis which involves burning, crushing and shaping coconut shells. Using coconut shells is popular because this is an eco-friendly process, making use of product that would have otherwise gone to waste. As a result, these types of coals are safe to use and easy to set alight because of its calorific value.

With that in mind, it becomes clear that this is a high quality, Grade A product because it makes use of natural ingredients. As a result of those factors, these coals do not produce smoke, and they do not spark when set alight. They also have the added bonus of burning twice as long as other charcoals, which really gives you added value for money.

Coconut-Lite Charcoal are available in 500g packs as well as a 1kg pack.


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