Clipper – Brio Carded Lighter


Clipper – Brio Carded Lighter



1 x 12

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Clipper – Brio Carded Lighter

Clipper presents its Clipper – Brio Carded Lighter. They have been brought to you by the leading manufacturer of branded lighters since 1959. Having established themselves in the lighter market, the natural next step for them is rolling paper. Clipper is gearing towards young, modern, and bold consumers with these papers. The company values uniqueness in its product and focuses on quality. Known for their fun and trendy design, these papers naturally feature the same stylishly, themed graphics on the packaging.

This range of lighters is bright and features a mix of differently coloured lighters. The Brio design is very quirky and breaks away from Clipper’s iconic design. The design is flatter and wider, but still slim enough to qualify this as a pocket lighter. The range almost seems to mimic the Solid Flouresecent lighters, but it also features a striking red lighter in the range. Like all their lights these also undergo strict quality control and safety tests. So, you can be assured that you have all you could ask for in a lighter.

Height: 7,6 cm
Width: 2,6 cm
Colours: White, Yellow, Bright Pastel Green, Pink, Light Pastel Blue, and Bright Red.



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