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Cigarette Tobacco Imported

50g packs


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Cigarette Tobacco Imported – Harvest Tobacco

There is no doubt that local cigarette tobaccos have a certain appeal to them. However, there are times when one want sto shake things up. That is where our selection of imported tobacco comes into play. We have a range of select brands to highlight the best of international produce.

With that, this Harvest Tobacco takes us to Germany. Harvest Tobacco is a premium tobacco brand produced by Von Eicken. This company that has  over 150 years experience in the industry. Harvest Tobacco aims for high-quality. As a result, the produce and carefully select tobacco leaves. These leaves are expertly blended and crafted to produce a smooth and flavourful smoking experience.

The brand’s tobacco blends use a combination of traditional methods and modern technology. This ensures that each product is consistently made and of the highest quality. Harvest Tobacco offers a wide range of blends and flavours. This includes classic tobacco blends as well as unique and innovative options for the discerning smoker.

Harvest Tobacco continues to commit to sustainability and responsible farming practices. The company works closely with its growers to ensure that they use sustainable and ethical farming practices. Also, it commits itself to supporting local communities.

Overall, Harvest Tobacco has the trust and respect of the tobacco industry.


Flavours available in this Cigarette Tobacco Imported – Harvest Tobacco range include: Cherry and Vanilla.

Each variant comes in packs of 5, with each item in the pack  carrying 50g of product.



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