Cigarette Holder – Telescopic Adjustable

SKU: CA2151

Cigarette Holder

Telescopic Adjustable

Materials: Metallic

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Cigarette Holder – Telescopic Adjustable

A nod to classic smoking accessories, this Cigarette Holder – Telescopic Adjustable stands out with its modern finish gold stem and black mouth-piece. As beautiful as this product is, there is more to it. This cigarette holder has a sleek telescopic design. It can adjust from approximately 12cm to an impressive 20,5cm. You extend this cigarette holder by twisting and extending it. It really mimics a telescope, which is a nice note. Cigarette holders were first made as a means to rid yourself of the cigarette smell once in public. It was also designed to keep tar off of your fingers.  This product does just that, it gives you the confidence to enjoy your smoke without worrying about staining your fingers or having the smell of smoke on you. This is truly an eye-catcher of a piece. It is fully functional, not just a prop piece that doesn’t have an open stem to smoke through, and it can accommodate standard-sized cigarettes. It is a classy and elegant gift for any modern smoker. Sleek in design, and affordable too. it is definitely worth the experience.

The cigarette holder is available in two colours: Gold and Silver.


Please note that this does not support slim cigarettes.




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