Cigarette Holder – Black Extendable

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Cigarette Holder

Black – Glossy



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Cigarette Holder – Black Extendable

The Cigarette Holder – Black Extendable is a product that nods to classic smoking accessories. It stands out thanks to its beautiful black, glossy finish, visually setting the tone to experience sleek and simple product. Cigarette holders were first made as a solution to rid yourself of the cigarette smell once in public. It also functioned to keep tar off of your fingers. As beautiful as this product is, there is more to it.  Its key feature is that it can extend from 13cm to an impressive 23cm. The further you can get your cigarette from yourself, the more effective the product is at keeping the cigarette smell off of you, and the tar is no longer an issue, especially at 23cm.  This is really an olden-day luxury piece, made for those who still appreciate the idea and design behind older smoking accessories.

Not only is this a picture perfect prop, but it is fully functional, being able to accommodate most standard-sized cigarettes. It is light and portable, making it easy to take it with you. This smoking accessory would even be a great gift for people who are influenced by the 1920’s American culture and fashion of the time, when cigarette holder were a commonly used product.


Please note that this does not support slim cigarettes.




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