Cigar Lighter Turrim Single Jet


Xikar Cigar Lighter

Single-jet flame

Wind resistant

EZ-view™ red fuel window

Colours: Black, Grey, Gunmetal Grey

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Jet Lighters work by discharging liquid butane, stored in a pressurized space, in a narrow stream of gas. When you strike the flint, a spark ignites the gas, which is then forcefully, but carefully released from the canister and creates the flame. This flames allows the user to light candles from a distance. The Cigar Lighter Turrim Single Jet has an elongated butane tank, providing ample fuel capacity. There is also a handy window that makes it easy to see when you may need a refill. Another special feature is its wind resistance. The lighters are designed with withstand moderate outdoor conditions, making this product really stand out for its quality. Over time people find that normal lighters taint the taste of their cigars, so using soft flame butane lighters solves that. Also, knowing that cigars require some extra effort when lighting, these give you the ease and quality you’ve always wanted.


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