Cigar Ashtray – Chrome



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Cigar Ashtray – Chrome

For anyone that enjoys an occasional or even daily cigar, ashtrays become essential within the spaces of your customers, the enthusiasts and aficionados. We know that ash and debris are common-place during these beautiful smoke sessions and, if left to be, can stain surfaces. To help remedy this, ashtrays like this Cigar Ashtray – Chrome are there for your customers to easily dispense of any ash. What’s more, this item also has a single rest that extends out like a handle to hold your cigar when done. If left unfinished, picking up from where you left off is as easy as picking up your cigar from its rest. The rest is conical in shape and can safely hold your cigar in place.

This ashtray is simple in design, featuring a shallow bowl-like structure to contain ash.

Materials are made of metal to provide a durable end-product.


This is a simple and functional addition to any cigar afficionados’ smoking apparatus.

This item is single unit.



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