Cigar Ashtray – Ceramic Black – Single slot – 421008

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Cigar Ashtray – Ceramic Black – Single slot – 421008

Ashtrays are simply an essential to anyone that smokes regularly. Designed to keep your ash contained, and your space clean, these items are a np-brainer and a must-have. Consumer style preference and smoking frequency plays a role in determining what kind of ashtray to get.

The Cigar Ashtray – Ceramic Black – Single slot – 421008 is a simple but elegant design. This ashtray is designed for single cigar use at a time as it has a specially allocated resting slot for single use. The ceramic cigar ashtray is a plain black ashtray with a glossy polish finish. It is more durable than a glass ashtray, but still gives the same finesse in its finish.  Its small avocado-like silhouette and compact size can best makes this item the travel friendly ashtray. Additionally, this sort of finish make this the ideal user-friendly ashtray to maintain. After each use, empty out the ash. Then, you could choose to either just wipe it down or wash and rinse. Then, dry and store it away until the next use.

This item is the most humble of ashtrays, and is a fine addition to any collection.


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