Black Divided Rolling Tray


Black Divided Rolling Tray that easily ensures none of your fine herbs go to waste. Prevent your herbs and accessories from mixing. 23x15cm

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Black Divided Rolling Tray

Rolling trays are just the accessories to take your rolling kit to the next level. These accessories are great for providing users with a flat surface on which to roll. They also help keep your smoke of choice in one place, meaning less spillage, and most importantly less waste of product.  The Black Divided Rolling Tray is a thing of simplistic beauty. With its black base and finish, this is a tray that any minimalist enthusiast would appreciate. This rolling tray features two sectioned divisions. The one larger division is for the actual rolling process. So, it would hold your smoke of choice and a small grinder. The divider is excellent for conveniently separating your rolling and bowling accessories. The other smaller division can be used either to place the joints that are rolled to the side or to hold papers or anything of that size that is needed.

The Leaf Divided Rolling Tray is a smaller tray, but is perfect for on-the-go use. It is made from a lightweight metal. This gives you the added benefit that this tray will last and be used as often as is needed.  No expense was spared in ensuring that you have only the finest experience with this handy tray that is certain to help save your fine herbs from ending up on the floor.




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