Bake Sale 4 Piece Grinder


Bake Sale 4 Piece Grinder has all of the newest features. Aircraft-grade aluminum, modern curved teeth and an easily removable magnetic screen.

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Bake Sale 4 Piece Grinder has all of the newest features that smokers are looking for. First, they’re made from tough aircraft-grade aluminum with grips that allow for super-smooth grinding action. Next, the grinders have modern curved teeth in a pattern that lets them shred even the stickiest of herbs with ease. Third, each grinder has an easily removable magnetic screen – no more dealing with pollen-clogged screens! Finally, the bottom chamber is rounded to prevent the build-up of pollen and comes with a thick guitar pick scraper.

Each Bake Sale grinder comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

Bake Sale 4 Piece Grinder Details

  •  4-piece, 63mm wide aluminum grinder
  • Features a removable magnetic screen
  • Ultra-smooth grinding action
  • Curved pollen catcher compartment includes a pick
  • Bake Sale Logo design on top
  • Life time warranty

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