Backwoods – Honey Berry 8×5

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Backwoods – Honey Berry 8×5

Backwoods is an American-based company that produces cigars of note. The brand of the company aims to communicate a certain authenticity through their products. This is heavily reflected in how the cigars are made. It all starts with aged broadleaf wrappers that create a naturally sweet flavour. Then, those wrappers are wrapped around carefully selected tobacco leaves. All this helps give the mild aroma and gentle taste that is distinctive of Backwwods.

The company does not use paper to produce its cigars. That means a rougher and irregular finish to the edges. If anything, this adds another layer of a natural component to the product.

The Backwoods – Honey Berry 8×5 offers the tastes of nature, giving you freshly picked forest berries and sweet golden honey. Truly aiming at enhancing the natural flavours in the tobacco in all of its variants, this brand of cigars are nothing short of an experience and a half!

This product comes as a pack containing 8 packets of cigars. Each packet conatins 5 cigars each.


Also available from this brand is the Sweet Aromatic flavour variant, which is just as memorable as the Honey Berry flavour.


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