Angel Slim Filter Tips – EOR


Angel Slim Filter Tips – EOR

Material: Cotton

Dimension: 6mm diameter, 15mm length

120 filter tips in 34 resealable pouches

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Angel Slim Filter Tips – EOR

Angel Slim Filter Tips are a good, affordable option when it comes to choosing filters tips for your smoke of choice. Filters reduce and/or minimise your nicotine intake when smoking, and also help remove harmful tar build-up. You get precisely that from this product, and a little more. Angel’s brand of filter tips accomplish this goal, and end up giving room for a smoother taste. A nice feature is that these filters have a neutral taste, so you still get the natural flavour you have come to know. The filter tips do this, all the while keeping the tar off your fingers and minimising the impact of the nicotine on your system.

These slim tips have a 6mm diameter and a length of 15mm, allowing more room for mix in your rolling paper. The product contains 34 bags, in which you can find you get 120 filter tips per bag. The pouches make the product easy to transport, and convenient in terms of the quantity per pouch. You need not worry about running about too frequently. The pouches also ensure that your product is kept as fresh and clean as possible from the day of purchase. This product, and the rest of the Angel range, truly stand as good value for money.


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