Angel Cigarette Tubes


Angel Cigarette Tubes

Pre-rolled tubes


Quanity: 250 / 500 tubes

Compatible with most tubing machines



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Angel Cigarette Tubes

Angel Cigarette Tubes are a good, affordable option when considering how to improve the process of rolling your own tobacco. The tubes are basically pre-rolled cigarettes that do not include tobacco. These can be just the product to complete that rolling kit. Firstly, with this product, you don’t have to worry about having to roll or about what type of filter to get. The hassle is gone! It’s all about the main ingredient, your smoke of choice. Just pick your favourite, insert into the tube, and you are done!

This product contains 500 pre-rolled tubes, and has an option of four packs of 250 pre-rolled tubes. Each tube is filtered for your convenience, and the tubes come loosely packed in its packaging.

People consider these tubes to be king-size owing to clever design choice: the tubes can be used in conjunction with the Angel tubing machines for added ease and consistency in your final roll. In case you already have a tubing machine, please note that Angel brand tubes are also compatible with most king-size tubing machines.

In closing, it is pretty clear that this brand really offers a convenient way to enjoy your favourite tobacco mix. Angel has the widest range of products, even for the most discerning enthusiast. It gives you the ease and quality you need.


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