Afzal Molasses


AFZAL is the preferred Hookah worldwide for providing a unique full-bodied experience through the exotic flavours that are unique only to AFZAL. Every flavour of is a masterpiece in itself and appeals to personal preferences of every Hookah smoker. This brand offers you a smoking experience like none other, with strong, bold flavours that last, and are absolutely smooth on your throat.


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AFZAL is a brand that is made for true, old-school hookah lovers. The molasses company has a legacy of delivering the finest global customer experience. They have been creating premium quality tobacco and non-tobacco products since 2002. Not only that, this company is recognized by the Government of India as a 100% Export Oriented Unit (EOU). AFZAL is a recipient of numerous national and international awards for product excellence. Additionally, Soex International LLP lives the dream of making every smoking experience a journey of joy and satisfaction. They do this through understanding the flavours the customers want, and perfecting flavour profiles. Hence, AFZAL Molasses flavours are the preferred choice for customers in over  40 countries across Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa and America. The constant focus on product innovation drives the company to continuously develop their flavours. Each product has to appeal to both traditional and trendy customers that indulge in regular and social smoking. To this day, AFZAL continues to research the dynamically changing hookah trends worldwide. This enables the team there to successfully cater to international customers who demand the latest in premium quality products.

You can be sure to find the flavour you want and have the freedom to explore so much more.


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