Ace X Superwhite – Nicotine Pouches


Tobacco Free

Pouches: 20 pouches per pack
Nicotine per gram: 16mg
Nicotine per pouch:10.4mg

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Ace X Superwhite – Nicotine Pouches

A brand under Ministry of Snus, we bring you a pure and strong range of snus that focusses on the essentials. Aiming to create alternatives to tobacco, “Ace provides the familiar experience of traditional tobacco” but is tobacco free. These products are crafted to provide an effective experience, minus the downsides associated with tobacco. Thus giving you the bare essentials: power and taste.

Ace X Cool Mint offers the winning flavour explosion of cooling mint and powerful peppermint. Ace X Cosmic Cool Mint offers the very same flavour, just in an even larger pouch. More content. Bigger kick.

Ace X Superwhite – Nicotine Pouches is available in Cool Mint, and Cosmic Cool Mint.

Each variant contains 20 pouches (13g). Each pouch contains 10.4mg of nicotine. Nicotine per gram is 16mg.

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