420 Accessories – Joint Clip Assorted 6cm – 1x10s


Materials: Metal | Silicone

Dimensions: 6cm length

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Joint Clip Assorted 6cm – 1x10s

Joint clips are small, hand-held device used that hold the end of a smoking material, such as a cigarette or joint. This allows the user can smoke it down to the end without burning their fingers. Also prevent burns or injuries that can occur when smoking materials get too short to hold onto with your fingers. Additionally, using a roach clip can help to reduce the amount of ash and debris that can get into your mouth or on your clothes, as the clip helps to contain the burning material.

The clip consists of two arms that joins by a hinge or a spring, creating a clamp-like object. The clip is used to hold the smoking material securely in place. The arms are designed to be long enough to keep the user’s fingers safely away from the heat source.

Most clips are metal and feature some sort of adornment. Some have intricate designs or patterns, while others are simple and plain.

Overall, Joint Clips are a useful and practical tool for anyone who enjoys smoking. They come in a wide range of styles and designs, making them a fun and unique accessory for smokers of all kinds. Whether you prefer a simple and functional clip or a more elaborate and decorative one, there’s a roach clip out there that’s perfect for you.

Joint Clip to help you savour every puff. No more toasting your fingers with this handy toking tool. Assorted colours and designs.

Our Joint Clip Assorted 6cm – 1x10s are an essential accessory for the herbal cannaseur or thrifty toker. No more throwing away roaches that still have a couple of good puffs in them. Simply use this nifty clip to pinch the edge of your joint, then light it up without burning your fingers.

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