420 Accessories – Glass & Silicone Nectar Collector


Materials: Glass | Silicone

Dimensions: 20cm  length

Assorted Colours

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Bong Accessories – Glass & Silicone Nectar Collector

Glass & Silicone Nectar Collector is the latest innovation in vaporizing concentrates. Conveniently dab at home or on the go. Although the name suggests collection or storage, this device should be thought of as a miniature dab rig, which is used to vaporize concentrates like wax. Ideally, one should think of this product as a dab straw

To use, simply heat the titanium tip with a quality torch lighter and gently apply the tip directly to the dab container, like you would a straw. Then inhale. Viola! The dab straw has made your sessions that much easier and better!

The Bong Accessories – Glass & Silicone Nectar Collector really takes the hassle out of using massive rigs, and gives more flexibility in use. They allow you to conveniently dab at home or on the go. All while offering a playful yet simplistic design.

The use of glass & silicone seamlessly blend form and function. The glass chamber gives the vapour room to cool the vapour giving a smoother hit. The wider end pieces are made from silicone which provides a bit of a buffer for impact, should the dab straw fall.

This complete dabbing solution makes for a clean no tool experience in a beautiful design.


Assorted colours.

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