420 Accessories- Dab Tool – Tin Set


Material: Tin | Stainless-steel | Silicone

Tin Dimensions: 2.1×9.1×6.2cm

Includes Stainless-steel dab tool

Assorted colours.

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Bong Accessories- Dab Tool – Tin Set

As the market has grows in the ways one can consume cannabis products, so the market also grows around dabbing. Not only does this growth mean various devices to choose from, this also means more accessories on the market aimed at making the experience as easy as possible. The Bong Accessories- Dab Tool – Tin Set is one of those accessories. It aims to cover all the bases for those looking to venture into the dab world or for long-standing enthusiasts.  It is excellent for conveniently storing and transporting your concentrates. The set includes two small tubs that will carry your concentrate, as well as a stainless-steel dab tool.

This pocket size food grade non-stick silicone concentrate storage set is specifically designed to keep your concentrates fresh. With an airtight pop top these 3ml jars are an essential part of any concentrate enthusiasts gear, while the steel dab tool and tin ensure that you always have a pocket size solution for any 710 situation. So whether you are on-the-go or if you need a safe place to keep your tools, the Dab Tool Tin Set is a great to have your kit sorted in a flash!


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