How To Start A Headshop in South Africa with this simple guide to the ins and outs of selling top shelf products.

Our inbox is full of queries from people and businesses looking to get high quality bongs, vaporizers, blunts, papers, grinders and so much more at wholesale prices. Our 20 years of experience in distributing leading international brands to local stores has earned us an excellent reputation. We would therefore like to help you wisely invest your energy and cash flow, so that we can mutually succeed in offering the best bong for buck products to your customers.

What is a Head Shop?

Head Shops are where you would traditionally visit to purchase papers, bongs and vaporizers. As well as just about any other nifty stoner centric accessories. Dedicated headshops are more of a novelty or destination store these days. As many tobacconists, online retailers, private clubs, collectives and even some super markets carry selections of these products in their stores. All thanks to the rising demand for high quality products.

Find the right brands and suppliers

No matter whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur, fresh beginner or big brand buyer; it is essential to easily find products that meet the needs of your clients. Dealing with lots of individual suppliers emailing back and forth is not a constructive way to do business. And while it is great to get the lowest price in the world by importing straight from the source, the logistics and lead times can soon lower your mood.

Finding the right suppliers at the right prices will make the juice far more worth the squeeze. Both financially and emotionally. That’s why we have committed ourselves to providing you with a one stop wholesale solution for all of your retail smoking, toking and vaping accessory needs. It truly is as simple as applying online to get access to our wide catalogue of dank gear. While you await the approval of your account, you can in the meantime conveniently browse our website or download the full catalogue of our latest range.

Originals only

The world of big brands and innovative products is booming. This has introduced a flood of knockoffs that will ultimately leave your clients disappointed. Everything from counterfeit rolling papers and grinders to cheap vaporizer and gravity bong clones are unknowingly bought. With some retailers not even aware that they are the proud sellers of low quality copies. We have gone above and beyond to guarantee that all of our products are 420% original.

Some of our brands include RAW, OCB, Stündenglass Gravity Bongs, Grenco Vaporizers, Yocan, Zippo and The Bulldog among dozens of other leading products. We also offer a wide range of non-branded products that are specially selected for their performance and price.

The terms and conditions

Now that you have the funds and desire to add some of our high quality products to your shelves, there is one simple rule. We do not sell to the public. So you will need to have a registered business. Simply apply for an account and we will then  review your application. Once approved you can conveniently place your order online, by email or phone.

Professional personal and online service

The needs of retailers and re-sellers have risen just as quickly as those of consumers. We are therefore continually evolving to offer the most effortless buying experience; while also dedicating a team of relationship managers and sales stars to provide that personal touch. Our logistics crew then go the extra mile to get your goods to you promptly and professionally.

Have any questions about How To Start A Headshop in South Africa?

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