Beamer Grinders perfectly shred your fine herbs. Get the best tool for the job in a fresh funky finish. Designed in Detroit USA and includes a life time warranty.

Wasting trichomes and terpenes is simply not an option when mauling top shelf herbs. Especially when you are about to commit sacrilege by disappointingly busting up that thick frosty nug with only your hands.  There is no excuse these days for not having at least a cheap and cheerful plastic grinder for the job. But there is still a humble truth that we can all agree on. It is that not all grinders are made equal. Sure a plastic or wood one will get the job done. They however crush and grind at the most basic level. High quality herbs demand a much higher quality solution that perfectly shreds and preserves those precious elements of oomph and flavor.

There are fortunately thousands of good quality metal grinders of every shape and form that will meet your requirements. Yet there are only a hand full of dedicated grinder designers and manufacturers who seek to go beyond simply meeting your basic needs. Beamer Grinders are one these brands and have gone to great lengths to deliver a herb shredder that will effortlessly exceed your expectations. From the aircraft grade aluminum and funky designs to the ergonomically extended chambers and lifetime warranty, Beamer has sought to bring you an efficient tool that will perfectly do the job in style.

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